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Motor Vehicle Apprentice Racing Ahead of the Competition

Apprentice Nathan Edwards, who undertook his Apprenticeship with Arthurs of Newtown, Vauxhall Dealership has completed his Level 3 Apprenticeship in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair in the record time of seven months instead of the average two years. He is an exceptional student and has worked consistently hard since he started the programme.

Nathan has been supported by his Pathways Training Assessor, Arwyn Jones and by his employer throughout his Apprenticeship.

Dan Rockley, Services Manager from Arthurs Newtown added:

"Nathan impressed us as soon as he started the work experience component of his Pathways to Apprenticeship course with us. He immediately proved himself to be a conscientious worker with a keenness to want work hard and as an integral part of the workshop team here."

He was guided by his Pathways Training assessor through both the level 2 and level 3 competencies of each VCQ and was positively encouraged to take responsibility for identifying his assessment opportunities here. In his typically highly motivated way, his constant effort, driven by his excellent communication skills resulted in him being able to complete the required tasks in the seven it took him to complete his level 3 Apprenticeship framework.

He has proven his commitment to Arthurs by his positive attitude and professional attainments. He has been rewarded for his performance and will be supported by us in future to enable him to continue to build his CPD portfolio.


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